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What we do:

J-Tomic has a full range of services to drive your middleware program to meet current and future business needs.

How we work:

At J-Tomic, we start with a practical, deep dive into your applications, processes, platforms, requirements, and business objectives.

We listen carefully to your concerns and challenges, taking the time to thoroughly understand your business needs and objectives, and always looking for ways to improve them.

We look at your existing situation to see what can be done to optimize and streamline what you already have.

Then we infuse innovative, new ideas and technologies where needed, recommending just the right solutions, to bring better, faster results for your success.

Finally, we deliver on our commitments with quality, accelerating speed to value.

Bring agility in your integration team

By implementing default models for exception handling, code generation, automatic testing and release management, our staff is able to make your integration team agile and robust. Delivering quality on time with no surprises.

Define an implementable architecture

Definition of an Architectural design and operational procedures is key to any successful implementation. The experience of our consultants will de-risk the definition phase ensuring a clean starting point for implementation.

Roadmap Services

Roadmap Services look at your current IT environment and the definition of your enterprise goals and strategies. J-Tomic will provide a roadmap to incrementally progress to your goals.

Implementation Services

Implementation, deployment and support need to be the focus during the later stages of the development cycle. Our experienced staff ensures smooth on-time deployment of a system with clear operational processes, ensuring maximum availability.

Health Check

Health check services take a look at what you have already done and will be either executed as a "review" where artefacts are looked at from a quality assurance perspective, or a "checkpoint" where a go/no-go decision needs to be made.

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